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Published on 1/21/2018

CDAC will move to the Club Express Membership management platform in Feb 2018.

What is Club Express?

ClubExpress is a digital platform for carrying out management and operational tasks of clubs and associations.
From art to educational clubs, from health to leisure clubs and from environmental clubs to international clubs;


ClubExpress handles and automates all cumbersome operations.

For smaller to large sized clubs, management of workforce, members, donors, or volunteers happens on daily basis. With this understanding,


ClubExpress offers a platform with all the necessary resource management tools such as volunteer management, club memberships, donor and charity management and event management.


The procedure at the front-end seems so easy and smooth for the convenience of use by all parties. At the back-end, ClubExpress’s platform integrates your website with the database of memberships, signups, documents and forums through a secure and safe storage facility.